Force Balanced Accelerometer
Model EA-120

The EA-120 occupies the medium range of the Force Balance Accelerometer line. It offers low noise, high dynamic range, in a frequency band of DC to 50 Hz. It is perfectly suited for most strong motion monitoring applications.

The EA-120 standard triaxial packaging is an open-ended 3 1/4 inch plate that can be mounted internally in the eentec recorder or the R-1 Triaxial Rotational Sensor. Optional freestanding field or borehole packages are available.

The sensor elements are housed in an epoxy sealed aluminum case. They are extremely rugged, and designed for long-term deployment in field environments (requiring optional field enclosure). The field enclosure includes adjustments for gain and zero offset.

Options include a variety of full-scale "g" levels, user selectable full-scale "g" ranges, and other frequency bands.

  • Low Noise
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Low Power
  • Rugged
  • Optional Full Scale g levels
  • Optional Passbands
  • Borehole Configurations
  • 135dB Dynamic Range
  • Maintenance Free
Operating principle: Force balanced servo accelerometer
Full Scale
2 g standard
0.5 g to 5 g, user selectable
Dynamic Range 128 dB 5V
135 dB 10V
DC to 50 Hz +1, -3 dB
DC to 100 Hz or 200 Hz
(damping 70% critical)
Output Signal Swing 0.5 to 4.5 V or 2.5V, 5 V,
or 10 V
Resolution (at 10 V) 0.4 g @ 1g
0.8 g @ 2g
Zero G bias 0.01g, optional electronic adjustment
Linearity 0.2% FS over temperature range (0.1% opt)
Cross Axis Sensitivity 0.02 g/g (0.005 g/g option)
BasicEA-120 Configuration The standard configuration includes flying leads and calibration sheets
Extended g range

option -xg
(x specifies g)

Frequency Option option -Fxxx
(x specifies frequency)
Electronic Zero Bias option -ZB
Linearity (0.1%) option -L01
Crossaxis (0.005 g/g) option -CA5
Supply Voltage option -PWxx
(x specify voltage)
Full Scale Output Volt specify
Packaging specify
Recorder Options SMR-4000
Supplies and Accessories Sensor Cable
General Spares None

S Printer Friendly Format For Specifications

Waterproof: Optional field case
Operation Temperature -10 to 75 C (opt SS +85 C)
Vibration Survival 10 g p-p, 2 to 2,000 Hz
Shock Survival 1000 g, 1 ms 100 g, 11 ms
Humidity 95% R.H. (opt. SS 100%R.H.)
Housing Standard
Open Internal Mount 3.25" plate appx. Field Enclosure, SS (stainless steel), Borehole
Sensor Element: 1.25"H x 1"Diam
Weight (Al housing) Package dependent
Connector Package dependent
Power - Standard 12V typ. others optional
Supply current 30 ma (triaxial)


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