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We have changed the format of this page to focus on research papers (published and unpublished) that contain rotational subject matter or other items of interest to the Civil Engineering and Seismic communities.

If you wish to submit a paper which contains rotational subject matter, please attach it to an e-mail in Word, HTML, or Adobe (pdf) format, and send to

1) Rotational Data From the Taiwan Earthquake (ppt)
This presentation prepared by Prof Liu, Academia Sinica and others detail the analysis of rotational seismic data obtained from the R-1 rotational seismometer and broadband seismometers from the September 26th, 2005 Taiwan Earthquake.

2) Tilts in Strong Ground Motion
This is paper published by Vladimer Graizer discusses how tilting of the strong motion Accelographs base can severely impact its response to ground motion.

3) Effects of Tilt on Strong Motion Data Processing
This paper published by Vladimer Grazer discusses ignoring tilt sesnitvity may produce unreliable results, especially in calculations of permanent displacement and long-period calculations.

4) Laboratory and Field Testing of Two Rotational Seismometers (UCLA and USGS)

This is a presentation at the AGU workshop on rotational seismology. Graphs are for the eentec R-1 rotational seismometer, the other prototype sensor was returned to the factory due to instability

5) A Note On The Useable Dynamic Range....
This paper written by Prof. Trifunac and
Prof. Todorovska from University of Southern California and published in Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering details the need for rotational data in strong motion recording. Another interesting point is made... "that recording only translational accelerations with 18 and 19 bit recorders, without recording rotation is costly and not necessary".

6) Presentation On Non-Traditional Broadband Sensor (ppt)
This paper was presented at the Seismic Sensor Workshop addressing future advances in seismic sensor technology. It was hosted by the Air Force Research Lab on September 23rd and 24th of 2004.












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